Day 7: Wrap up


How should we reconfigure the cultural landscape to best support creative experiences of artists and audiences?  What do we need intermediate cultural agencies to do and how?

Reflecting on the comments made over the last week, there are 3 areas to highlight:

1. First principle is to support talent,  artists, creative content , creative practice and opportunity to engage in creative experiences.  So intermediate agencies should be concerned with opening up opportunity.

 2. We need an intermediate agency to do 2 different things.  One  is to run an efficient funding system.  The other, more complex requirement is to mediate between government policy and the broader operating context to support the success of creativity and the creative sector in all aspects of life. This means being a champion, broker and networker across every area where the arts and creativity make a difference.  So thats cultural,social and economic spheres

3. We need to declutter the landscape, to reduce the layers, to reduce the resources perceived to be tied up in administration and release the resources into art and creative experiences.  One way of doing this is for national intermediate agencies to be small  and for for other players to be involved in delivering time limited services.  Another way is to design and run streamlined funding systems and for intermediate agencies to identify as being strategic agencies not funding bodies.  We, the arts community can also help in this, in particular through using social media to harness our expertise  and knowledge.

My wrap up for Monday.

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