Creative Scotland -3 key elements

Mike Russell’s statement to the Scottish Parliament on Creative Scotland made yesterday included reference to key elements as well as sharing the costs of transition.

Some of the language has evolved under the leadership of Russell.  But important principles remain:

These are:

1. Creative Scotland will be concerned with artists and creative practictioners across the arts and creative spectrum

“there should be no doubt about this Government’s continuing commitment to artists and creators of all kinds…we want to secure a body that is fit for purpose and able to support, sustain, develop and underpin Scotland’s creativity..That body will be the new Creative Scotland”

2.  that Creative Scotland should be an organisation fit for purpose in 21st century – leaner and fitter

“This is not just a transition for the two current bodies, Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen. It is actually a transformation. It means taking the best from both of the current organisations – where there is much to praise – and creating a unified organisation with skilled, confident leadership from the sector’s best. In so doing we aim to create a new force which will set a national – and perhaps international – standard as a vibrant, forward-thinking organisation. A new force which is much needed in this time of rapid change and strong financial pressure. A new, fitter and leaner force for these times”

hence the £1m for voluntary redundancies

3. the need for specialisms and expertise

retaining key specialisms will be key for Creative Scotland to be able to provide leadership and support.

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