Mike Russell takes firm steps forward towards Creative Scotland. And the answer is £3.3m

Culture Minister Mike Russell MSP this morning made a statement on the transition costs for Creative Scotland while confirming that these costs will be met by the Scottish Government. This is a much awaited and vital piece of information which will end speculation on this front and allow progress to be made. Hooray!

In the statement

“The Minister reaffirmed that the costs for establishing Creative Scotland will not come from frontline grants to artists, but will be met fully by Government. Following a morning briefing with relevant Trade Unions, Mr Russell outlined to Parliament the expected cost of establishing Creative Scotland would be just over £3.3 million”

“Creative Scotland will be much more than the sum of its parts and as such this is not just a transition, it is a transformation. This means taking the best from the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen and creating a unified body with skilled, confident leadership from the sector’s best.

“Much detailed work has taken place on the cost element of this transformation and as a clear signal of my commitment to our artists and creators I can confirm today that Government will meet the costs of establishing Creative Scotland.

“In doing so we will create a new force and set a national standard for a vibrant, forward-thinking development body that will empower and enrich our creative talent for generations to come.”

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